Who’s the Strongest JoJo?? – All JoJos Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!

The Joestar bloodline is full of strong, powerful, and very masculine men ( I mean look at young Joseph and part 3 Jotaro, some big dudes). With a wide range of abilities, when it comes to stands and hamon, all of the Joestars are powerful in their own right and are arguably the most powerful characters in their respective part of the series. But today I’m here to rank them among each other from weakest to strongest! Only ranking from part 1 – part 5, all Joestars count for this list (wink wink). Obviously, spoilers ahead so beware if you aren’t caught up with at least the anime of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I love Araki’s art style so much.

#6 – Lisa Lisa (she technically counts right?)

She looks great for a 50 year old.

Mother and mentor of Joseph Joestar, Elizabeth Joestar was the wife of George Joestar II (Jonathan and Erina’s son). I’m kind of putting her here on a technicality but while she is still the weakest among the Joestars, she is still very powerful in her own right. A hamon master who is quite formidable in battle she definitely lives up to the Joestar namesake.

#5 Jonathan Joestar

I’ll never not love early JoJo character design.

Now the list really starts. Coming in at 5th it’s a pretty tough matchup between Jonathan and my number 4, Joseph. By the end of Phantom, Blood Jonathan is arguably a hamon master, or at the very very least he’s almost there. This 6’5 hulk of a man is very intelligent, savvy, and has a multitude of extremely powerful hamon abilities at his disposal. Also, his stand, which was used by Dio in Stardust Crusaders, has a lot of potential if he ever got to actually use it (the tragedy of pre-stand characters). Jonathan strongly holds down the #5 spot as the Joestar who started it all.

#4 Joseph Joestar

Next you’re gonna say you put Joseph at #4…

Barely itching out his grandfather, we have Battle Tendency’s resident Joestar, Joseph. He is very well versed in hamon and his use of it is unique. Everything that I said about Jonathan can be repeated here, but what gives young Joseph the edge over his gramps is his outside-the-box thinking. The way Joseph tricks and outsmarts his enemies in battle is very fun to see and also a great tactical advantage. Like seriously some of the bs he pulls off is hilariously ridiculous but very brilliant at the same time. Also in feats of strength seen in the show, the Pillar Men that Joseph defeated are definitely stronger than Vampire Dio. By the time Joseph gets his stand, he’s effeminately outmatched by the majority around him but for his time he was very powerful.

#3 Josuke Higashikata

I’ll always love Crazy Diamonds name and design

The kind-hearted rebel comes in at 3rd. The rankings get a little harder now that we’re in stand territory. Nonetheless Crazy/Shining Diamond has the most potential out of the Joestar stands, but as it stands (pun intended) I don’t think it’s there yet. Crazy Diamond is stupid strong though don’t get me wrong! A short-ranged stand with super speed, strength, and very high precision, coupled with its main ability to restore anything. Crazy Diamond is a force to be reckoned with. The restoration ability alone puts him in a high tier among JoJo’s characters. Crazy Diamond can heal anything, restore anything to its basic components, and even fuse objects together. In terms of feats, Josuke does defeat Kira and Killer Queen in the end with the help of Jotaro and the gang. All together deserving of the 3rd spot on the list (he might jump to #1 if you talk about his hair..)!

#2 Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro and Star Platinum just exudes “Badass:

Coming in at #2 is the tough as nails, deadpan Japanese man himself, Jotaro Kujo, and his stand Star Platinum. Jotaro is definitely the most brute force-oriented Joestar using Star Platinum which is a short-ranged powerhouse of a stand. Star Platinum’s abilities are super everything. On par with Josuke’s Crazy Diamond in terms of strength, definitely faster, and probably the most precise stand we’ve seen in the show to date. On top of all that the ability Star Finger (which is literally only used once in the show then forgotten lol), is a super-fast strong, and precise salability in which star platinum extends his middle or index finger up to 2 meters to stab his enemies. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. If Star Platinum wasn’t already strong enough, he learns the ability Za Wārudo (I love saying that), which literally stops time for a few seconds which he eventually learns to extend to five! With a stand that fast and precise, five seconds is a lot! Jotaro himself is also very strong and capable without his stand. In terms of feats, Stardust Crusaders Dio is the second strongest villain in the anime to date, and Jotaro went toe to toe with him and defeated him. Also, Jotaro was on the brink of defeating Kira the first time in Diamond is Unbreakable and ultimately lands the final blows in the end. Earning Mr. Kujo the 2nd spot on the list.

#1 Giorno Giovanna

Giorno’s theme song is the best piece of music I’ve ever heard. Listen here:

Topping the list is the Italian Gangsta himself, Giorno Giovanna. I’ll just say it, Golden Experience is op even among all the other op stands in the series. Its ability Life Giver is the most versatile of all the stands thus far. Using this Giorno can infuse life energy into anything he touches. Infusing life into an inorganic object, Giorno can transform it into any living creature with the added advantage that any damage that creature takes is reflected back on the one who dealt it. He can use this ability to track people as if he makes a creature out of somethings somebody owns, it will try to make its way back to its owner. Another op ability that’s only used once (lol Araki), is Life Shot. Injecting Golden Experience’s life energy into a living organism causes their thought processes to speed up to extreme extents, resulting in their time being perceived slowly and their body being defenseless (seriously he should’ve used this a lot more). Giorno can also create body parts out of inorganic items and sense life and souls. Golden experience also has very short range power, though not as much as Jotaro and Star Platinum. Now all of that puts Giorno slightly above Jotaro, what takes him over the top is when his stands transform into Golden Experience Requiem. GER for short, all of Giorno’s base abilities are greatly enhanced making its strength possibly stronger than Star Platinum and faster than the eye can see. GER also gains the most overpowered ability to date, which is reverting all will and actions to zero effectively making them not real. In the one instance in which this is used, it caused the affected to be stuck in a constant loop of death. Along with GER, and using GER, Giorno defeats the strongest antagonist that we’ve had in the series so far. There’s no doubt in my mind that Giorno is the strongest JoJo.

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