Top 10 Best Fights in Naruto Shippuden!

The Naruto series has the most well-choreographed and animated fights in anime history. While the animation of the show is always good, when the fight scenes come up Studio Perriot just turns it up a few notches and knocks it out of the park. On this list, I’m going to go in order of what I think are the best fights in Naruto Shippuden along with some honorable mentions. Feel free to comment down below your opinions and list! I’ll be making a follow list for Naruto and maybe Boruto soon. Oh and spoilers ahead if you somehow haven’t finished Shippuden.

Honorable Mentions:

Sasuke vs Danzo – Sweet and short fight, very satisfying to see Sasuke defeat him.
Sakura & Lady Chiyo vs Sasori – The highlight of Sakura’s character and a fight that turned out to have some emotional weight to it. Plus it’s always cool to see puppet masters fight.
Obito vs. Minato – High stakes, a high-speed fight between two powerhouses. Great fight but just doesn’t quite make the cut for me.
Shikamaru vs. Hidan – One of the more tactical fights in the series, which is a nice change of pace for this show, that ends very satisfyingly with Shikamaru getting his revenge.
Sasuke vs. Deidara – Man this fight is really cool. I mean Deidara literally trained himself to not be affected by the sharingan, that’s awesome. His clay explosion jutsu is also pretty cool and we see a rare appearance of Sasukes cursed form.
Sasuke vs. 5 Kages – Awesome fight all around. The 5 Kage show off some really unique jutsu and seeing a determined Sasuke go against A was great.

#10 – Sasuke vs. Killer B

Kicking off our list we have Sasuke vs Killer Bee. Our first real introduction to the Cloud Villages rhyming swordsman. This fight shows the power of Jinchurkis, as Killer Bee not only holds his own against Sasuke but also the rest of Taka as well. The animation is very fluid, and the choreography is on point. Also seeing an opponent overwhelm one of the series strongest characters is also a nice treat.

#9 – Guy vs. Madara

The Eight Gates technique has always been one of the coolest jutsus in Naruto with a lot of potential. To this point, we’ve never seen either of its two users go beyond the early gates. But in this fight, he pushes himself to the limit against the strongest character in Naruto Shippuden. Now, I know Madara didn’t fight back but Guy almost made him pay for it with the Evening Elephant technique and some assistance from Minato. Overall a very hype fight with a fan-favorite character going all out!

#8 – Jiraiya vs. Pain

This is the most emotional fight in the series by far. Jiraiya’s infiltration into Amegakure to gain Intel on Pain was the most suspenseful event in the show. Jiraiya risked his life going against his former disciple in a fight that was an uphill battle from the beginning. We fully see Jiriaya go into his incomplete sage mode while he battles all six paths of pain through the village. Ending in his defeat his ultimate goal of gaining Intel on Pain’s abilities was complete and he was able to relay the information back to the village. The atmosphere, stakes of the fight, and unique abilities used by Pain all add up to making this fight brilliant and heart-wrenching.

#7 – Obito vs. Konan

These might be the most beautiful and atmospheric fights in the show. After the defeat in the Leaf Village, Tobi still parading as Madara tracks down Konan in the Rain Village to kill her. Konan has very unique jutsu and surprised many in this fight with her raw power. The rain pouring down, the backstory of the three children from the Rain Village, and Konan’s jutsu parting the sea and swallowing up Obito is just beautiful. After her onslaught of attacks, Obito using Izanagi to revive and end the fight was wonderfully op and fun to watch. Also, I must say the voice actor for Madara in both the sub and dub is excellent in this scene.

#6 – Naruto & Sasuke vs Madara

Top 3 (??) strongest characters as of Shippuden duking it out with wonderful animation, high stakes, and overpowered jutsu? This fight is great, all the jutsu Ten-Tails Madara pulls out are great. Full-powered Naruto and Sasuke trying to fight Madara’s shadow clones which are stupid op, before they could even get to him. This fight has op written all over it. Honestly, it’s crazy how much of an upper hand Madara had in this fight against both Naruto and Sasuke, showing how truly overpowered Madara is. The only reason I couldn’t rank this fight higher is because of how utterly weak it ends the cause of Black Zetsu’s interference. Overall great animation, and a lot of overpowered fun.

#5 – Naruto vs. Pain

So this fight is really 50/50 in the community. Half the people I see hate this fight and what they did with the animation, the other half love it. As you can see I’m in the love it camp. Pain’s whole assault on the Leaf Village is menacing and gives off the vibe of despair. When he’s floating over the Leaf and uses Shinra Tensei, man that is the greatest scene in the whole show. Now the stakes are very high in this fight, the Leaf Village is on the line, that added with the personal sacrifice of Jiraiya to gain intel on Pain raises them even more. The reason people hate this fight is that when Naruto turns partially into the Nine-Tails fights animation style changes. Naruto and Pain are drawn in a looser and some would say rubbery way. You can see this type of animation in a lot of other shows, most notably Black Clover when Asta first uses his demon form. Make no mistake the use of that animation style in this fight and the Black Clover fight gives off the tone that these are no longer humans fighting. No these are monsters. For me, that adds to the fight a ton and on top of that I just really like the animation style. Besides that, this fight shows a lot of cool rennigan abilities that will be used later in the show, and the ending of the fight (which is also criticized for Naruto using “talk-no-jutsu”) is actually pretty heartwarming.

#4 – Sasuke vs. Itachi

Runner up to the most emotional fight in the series we have the two Uchiha brothers. We really don’t get to see Itachi fight a lot in the series so this fight is a real treat. Sasuke’s pure hatred finally able to be put to rest but not in the way he wanted. The animation was great, the voice acting was great, seeing two Uchicha’s spamming sharingan and using susanoo. The reveal to Sasuke at the end of the fight is emotional and completely changed Sasuke’s ideology on life and the Leaf Village which was a turning point for his character in the series.

#3 – Madara vs. Shinobi Alliance

This is kind of cheating as this isn’t a fight. It’s a 1 versus an army beat down. Reanimated Madara’s entrance is a sight to behold. This fight holds some of the most fluid animations this series has to offer, with Madara just destroying the Shinobi Alliance by himself. Not much I can say about this fight besides its epic. Also, the close-up of Madara looking around with his sharingan is amazing.

#2 – Naruto vs. Sasuke (Rematch)

The rematch we’d all been waiting for. The animation was top tier for the whole fight and seeing both parties use a plethora of all their jutsu and techniques that they’ve learned throughout the series against each other is very fulfilling. What makes this even better is that it all boils down to an exhausted fistfight clash with their two signature abilities, leaving both with permanent damage and a new relationship. 10/10 fight all around.

#1 – Kakashi vs. Obito

Finally topping the list we have Obito vs. Kakashi. This is my personal best fight in all of anime. The choreography is the best I’ve ever seen, along with the emotion and juxtaposition of their previous fight when they were children and how they have both changed. The background of the kamui dimension and the very emotional and atmospheric music add so much to this fight. The hand-to-hand combat is so fluid and seeing Obito use Kakashi’s hands to finish hand signs is just great. This is hands down the best fight Naruto and maybe in anime history.

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