Short & Sweet – Gintama°: Love Potion Arc OVA Review

“The red-light district, Yoshiwara, is suddenly taken over by “Aizen Kou,” an incense that has the ability to make anyone fall in love with the first person they see. Having been outlawed for its strong potency, the love drug was thought to have disappeared from the red-light district for good; however, it seems to have found its way back inside Yoshiwara’s walls and now has the entire district under its influence.

Of those affected is the cold-hearted Hyakka captain, Tsukuyo, and the first person she sees after inhaling the smoke is none other than the brazen Yorozuya leader, Gintoki Sakata. Unbeknownst to everyone else though, she was already attracted to Gintoki. With those hidden feelings now intensified, Tsukuyo must overcome her afflictions and work with the Yorozuya to return everyone back to normal.” – MAL

Episodes: 2 – Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures – Sub – Aired: 2016 – Finished – MAL Rating: 8.41 – Genres: ComedyParody

I didn’t expect to enjoy these episodes as much as I did. Gintama has a host of specials and short crossovers but as far as I know, this is the only ova. It was really damn good and I kind of wish it was longer.

It’s a common trope to have a love potion plotline and Gintama does it well. It was funny to see everyone fall in love. Gin being completely non-discriminatory in his horniness. Kagura falling for Shinpachi’s glasses and Shinpachi falling for the reflection of his glasses in Kagura’s eyes. The role reversals for Otae and Kondo and her being the ultimate violent tsundere. Kyubei turning into Ash Ketchum but for male parts. Then of course the star of this arc Tsukyo falling for gin. All that among a myriad of very dirty jokes was very fun to watch.

I’m on record various times stating how much I love the dynamic between Gin and Tsukyo. It’s one of the best in the show. They play off each other really well. It’s always hilarious and cute when they’re together. It’s no secret that she’s in love with him but Gintama just isn’t that sort of show. If it was then it’d be a crime if they didn’t end up together. But Tsukuyo was great this arc and seeing her deal with her feelings for Gin was cute. The ending was really sweet with her just feeling comfortable and embracing the time that they spend together even if it isn’t romantic.

If I were to make a Gintama villian tier list I might mess around and put Hotaru in the top tier. I really liked her backstory, the way she thought, and why she did what she did. I’m a sucker for anything Yoshiwara and I like how she questioned finding love in a city like that and really what love is. Ultimately her story is that of a sad love story that gets a happy ending. Sort of mirroring Suzuran’s situation from back during the Courtesan of a Nation arc. I really enjoyed her as a character and as a villain for this mini-arc.

So yeah, a short and sweet review for a really good 2 episode arc. There’s some interesting stuff here among the love potion trope storyline that I like. As always these episodes were hilarious as well. I’m just a sucker for anything Yoshiwara. Every episode, every arc revolving around Yoshiwara has been a 10/10. With it being an ova from the 4th season it has that season’s op and ed. Damn their so good. Gintama music is so catchy. But yeah overall this is a great mini-arc with a lot of funny moments, a good villain with interesting motivations, and some really cute moments from one of my favorite duos in the show.

Gintama°: Love Potion Arc – 10/10

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