Really Damn Good – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Anime Review

“After the mysterious mana calamity, Rudeus Greyrat and his fierce student Eris Boreas Greyrat are teleported to the Demon Continent. There, they team up with their newfound companion Ruijerd Supardia—the former leader of the Superd’s Warrior group—to form “Dead End,” a successful adventurer party. Making a name for themselves, the trio journeys across the continent to make their way back home to Fittoa.

Following the advice he received from the faceless god Hitogami, Rudeus saves Kishirika Kishirisu, the Great Emperor of the Demon World, who rewards him by granting him a strange power. Now, as Rudeus masters the powerful ability that offers a number of new opportunities, it might prove to be more than what he bargained for when unexpected dangers threaten to hinder their travels.” – MAL

Episodes: 12 – Studio: Studio Bind – Dub/Sub – Aired: Fall 2021 – Finished – MAL Rating: 8.78 – Genres: DramaFantasyEcchi

Part 1 of Jobless Reincarnation had its fair share of moments. I had my gripes about it for sure, mainly the main character Rudeus, his actions, and how they were portrayed. This part though? Most of my complaints were answered and then some. On top of that, the character writing and dynamics continue to be amazing while other elements of this fantasy world continue to draw me in.

I really enjoyed how this season unfolded. The journey of Dead End trying to make it back to the main continent continues to be super enjoyable. The world continues to be deep and full of life. Half the fun of each couple of episodes was seeing what new location the group would end up in and seeing the scenery and people who populate it. From the desert areas to the forests, to the multiple cities they traverse it was all fun and interesting. I’m excited to see where next season goes with the story cause this part 2 is basically a quest to get home with multiple side quests along the way. While as a whole everything was enjoyable. There were a handful of standout episodes that really elevated this part.

Episodes 5 & 6, or episodes 16 & 17, were phenomenal. For me, an easy mark that I care about characters and if I enjoy the writing of something is if an emotional moment happens and It actually strikes a chord with me or tugs at my heartstrings. These two episodes did just that. The character building, interactions, and overall writing between Rudeus and Paul that I praised in part 1 continues to be amazing. I really felt the pain of both Rudeus and Paul. Their dialogue in every scene they share was flat-out amazing and that hug that shared was very powerful. What I loved about their initial interaction is that Paul’s grievances with Rudeus are completely fair and quite possibly mimic the feelings of the audience as well. Yet up until this point, we’ve seen him try his best to get him and Eris home, despite some of his missteps along the way, we’ve seen him trying. But from Pauls’s pov, especially because of the boastful way he told the story of their journey, he knows just how special Rudeus is at a young age so it’s easy to empathize with him when he basically says to Rudy he wasn’t trying hard enough. Also, I loved the later scene between Geese and Paul where Geese hypes up the Demon Content and lets Paul know that yeah Rudy may be special but he’s still a kid and he did amazing just to get to this point. Then episode 6 does something that happened once in the first part and happens again later this part. This show uses the parallels between Rudeus’ old life and his new one to perfection. I love the scene of Rudy remembering the friend he once had and their relationship and how that ended and contrasting that to his current predicament with paul. Which ultimately led to them making up and starting anew and I can’t lie that hug between the two got me emotional. The buildup and the execution of their relationship arc to this point were amazing.

Rudeus is so much better in this part. So I switched to the sub for this part and no shade towards the dub, I think it’s great, but man can a voice actor really change a perception of a character. As soon as I heard Sugita’s voice I couldn’t help but like Rudeus so much more. Along with that his creepy antics are not only cut down by a lot, the inner adult monologue isn’t as prevalent, and most of all he shows major development not only in that area but in others. Rudeus is a strong emotional point for this part. Of course, the stuff between him and Paul was emotional. But also the moment between him and Eris where he actually turns down her initial advance despite being in the mood because he didn’t want to take advantage of her in a vulnerable state was a major moment for him.

What happens in the aftermath of that moment made me think to myself “okay I might really like his character and his development.” His subsequent depression over being left alone and the juxtaposition between that and his backstory in the real world was nothing short of heartbreaking. I’m fortunate to not have ever been the target of bullying and harassment growing up. Despite that, I can definitely somewhat relate to his self-isolation. Despite how grounded or exaggerated bullying scenes are in media, they will always strike a chord with me. So what happened to Rudy in his past life was disgusting and saddening. It was sad to see people reach their hand out to help him and him just turning it all away. The notion of having a second chance at life, I know it’s technically a theme throughout all isekai but it’s so prevalent here especially in this part. Not being able to change what happened in a past life but taking that hurt, that pain, those lessons and using that to have a better life this time. So many scenes in this show exemplify that with amazing juxtaposition. Back in part 1 with him leaving his house and saving Sylphie from the bullies. This season with him and Paul being juxtaposed with him and a friend he once had. Then the final scene where he realizes that his family in this world needs him, specifically at this point his mother. So him getting out of that bed and walking back out into the world past his former self was a beautiful moment.

Eris had a fair share of moments this half of the season. Her character progression had been very noticeable but gradual. I really enjoy watching the way she handled emotional situations. Contrasting that to how she dealt with even basic inconveniences when she was first introduced and it’s night and day. The maturity and emotional strength she showed after learning of her family’s fate were admirable.

It was so heartwarming to see Ruijerd start to see some real progress in his goal. Among the many emotional moments this season, Rudy telling him the true reason behind his people’s hatred and the fact that its starting fade was so heartwarming. So was his farewell, and so was his scene of helping people in the last episode. I really hope we get to see more of him sooner rather than later.

Paul was absolutely heartbreaking this season. Seeing a character who had a lot of screen time in part 1 and he by no means was a perfect person, but he always seemed full of joy and good intentions. Then at the very end of part 1, even after the calamity, he seemed hopeful he’d find his family. To his appearance in ep 5 which is a broken and depressed man. I’ll never get enough of Paul’s dialogue. He may have all of my favorite conversational moments in this series so far. All his convos with Rudy plus his convo with Geese are really powerful for a variety of reasons. Once again I hope we see a lot more of Paul in the upcoming seasons and maybe even some action scenes.

I like Roxy, I’m not her biggest fan, but I like her enough. Her standalone episode was a huge surprise to me. That was a really strong episode focusing on her past trauma and feelings of being an outcast. The shimmering light sound was a really interesting way to convey how her people use telepathy to talk and the way the sound cracks and cackles from her pov was a great way to portray how she can’t use or understand telepathy. Even then I love seeing loving and understanding parents in anime. Her parent’s genuine support of her was heartwarming. This Roxy-centric episode really made me appreciate her character a lot more.

I wanna learn more about the gods asap. We’ve seen a lot of the Man God from his convos with rudy and the mystery around him and how much he knows and his motives is fascinating. But I wanna more about the Dragon God. That whole encounter was so intense and well done. I need more of him asap.

Animation & Music are top-notch as usual. This anime continues to be one of the best looking and sounding out. And while I liked the dub a lot. Making the switch over to subs was a great choice on my end. The voice acting is stellar and once again Sugimoto absolutely kills it.

So Yeah I loved this second half of the season. It continued to add to its strong suits while almost completely reducing my main gripes with the first part. The animation continues to be the best of the best. The writing is top-notch. The world is still as vast and alive as ever. This journey is only beginning and Mushoku Tensei is already really damn good. I’m definitely a fan at this point and I’m anticipating season 2.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 – 9/10

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